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The Planet Jay, created by the sole owner, James (Jay) Anowai.

A vision is a picture, idea or dream you have in mind of yourself or anything that is going to happen. Having a vision opens your mind to endless possibilities for your future. Regardless of the challenges or obstacles you face in the world, having a clear vision helps you overcome that. Not too many people will understand or support your vision. It is a strong force within you. It is who you want to be. A vision is a powerful way to keep you focused on what you want in life.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to help people express their vision, goals or passion in life through art. We believe there is not enough education in our school system for art or creatives when it’s more directive to logical and criteria based learning. There are many of those who don’t get the support from family, friends or others in pursuing their vision. Society tells us to do things that stray away from following what we feel passionate about. And we want to change that. When making artwork for our clients we want them to also have the opportunity to share who they are, their vision, goals or passion to the world and get the support from those who believe in it. We believe art shouldn’t just showcase our hard work, talents and creativity, but to also give meaning to those we make art for… the people.

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The Planet Jay Project

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Greetings visionaries! Do you have a vision or goal you would like for us to express? Email us to share and express your vision, goal or for any other inquiries you may have. Please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!